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Our knowledgeable case specialist is available to discuss repair options with you to explain your choices as well as offer suggestions to help you make the right choice on your repair needs. Our prices are all based on flat rate service fees which means you know the exact cost before the work begins. We repair and service PCs and MACs.

Desktop Services include:

  • Intel Computer Repair: We can perform non-warranty repairs on all desktop models, as well as non-warranty repairs for most Windows/Intel machines.
  • Apple Computer Repair: We are an Apple-authorized Level 1 service center and can perform warranty, AppleCare, and out-of-warranty repairs on nearly all Macintosh models and peripherals.
  • Upgrades: Whether you need more memory, a larger hard disk, or want to add a new peripheral, the technicians can help you determine the best and most cost-effective way to upgrade your machine. The shop keeps memory in stock for virtually all Macintosh and Windows/Intel desktop computers. Other items can be ordered upon request.
  • Hardware for Backups: Firewire/USB, CD-RW drives, DVD superdrives.
  • Parts: The shop stocks a wide selection of cables, power strips, Ethernet cards, extension cords, USB hubs and switches, and some PC parts so you won't have to travel far to get what you need.

Hardware Maintenance
One of the things computers are real good at is collecting dust & dirt. We have seen everything from spider webs and pet hair to roaches and melted cooking oil. If left unaddressed, your computer is unable to cool itself off properly resulting in irreversible damage. We offer different services for laptops and desktops to address this problem. We remove all foreign objects and clean the machine internally with attention to detail in where dust and dirt could collect, and finally we replace the important chemical (compound) between the heat sink and the processor which helps move the heat away from the surface of the processor.

Repair Time
Turnaround on repair work is generally one to three business days, depending on workload. Since there are so many different system configurations, some parts require ordering after a problem is diagnosed, which usually takes from two to four business days for delivery. You will be called when the work has been completed, and can pick up your machine.

Our Customers

If you have any enquery, please filling out this form send to us. Our staff will reply to you as soon as possible !

  • Address.Sydney in Australia
  • Mail Us: admin@kensoft.com
  • Phone: 02 9797 2898
  • Fax: 02 9797 2898
  • Mobile: 0425 225 202
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