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We here at Kensoft Tech. fully understand the frustration and damage losing valuable data can cause. At a business level losing valuable data can cripple a company and the loss of revenue resulting from this can be staggering. This is why we have spent years researching, training and collecting techniques to combat data loss. Our technicians are among the finest and most highly skilled in the business. We have been in the industry for many years and have many successful recoveries under our belt. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable data recovery solution then look no further.
We would like to take a moment and thank you for your interest in our data recovery service. It is our goal to provide you with fast, reliable service at an affordable price. It makes no difference if you are a large corporation or an end user. Your job is important to us no matter how large or small. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Data Recovery and/or Hard Drive Recovery is not always possible in all scenarios but in the majority of cases significant hard drive recovery is usually possible if the attempt to recover the lost data is made soon after the data loss occurs. Data can be lost in many different ways, the most typical are:

  • Accidental Deletion, Erasure or Format.
  •  Operating System Failure or Software Crash.
  •  Virus or Spyware Infection.
  •  Malicious or Intentional Deletion, Erasure, or Format.
  •  Physical Damage to Storage Medium.
  •  Physical Hard Drive Failure or Crash. Catastrophic Hardware Failure.

 Simple accidental deletion is by far the most common form of data loss. In most cases if the affected storage device is brought in immediately following the incident there is a near 100% data recovery rate.
The next most common data loss occurs when there has been an Operating System Crash or System Crash. In this scenario chances are good that the data is still intact on the hard drive, though it may not be accessible in the standard way. A near full data recovery should be possible in the majority of cases.
Virus and Spyware infections can also cause system failures and data destruction. Data recovery in this instance varies depending upon how much damage has occurred.
Malicious destruction occurs when data is intentionally destroyed or deleted. Once again, a hard drive recovery in this case will vary depending upon the skill and thoroughness of the person responsible for the data destruction. Data Recovery from this type of loss can range from a 100% full recovery, to a 0% total loss, depending upon the techniques that were used to destroy the data.
Typically the most severe data loss occurs when a system experiences a catastrophic hardware failure. Because this type of data loss involves physical damage to the hard drive, in some cases portions of the hard drive can be rendered completely unreadable. To recover complete hard drive recovery from a physically damaged hard drive requires very specialized equipment and techniques which means that this type of data recovery can be fairly costly. Thankfully, hardware failure is the least common type of data loss.
In every one of these cases, the sooner the affected hardware is brought in for analysis the better the odds are that a hard drive recovery can be made. Even in the worst case scenarios, partial recovery should be possible.
Typical types of hard drive recovery data that can be recovered include but are not limited to: pictures, music, videos, spreadsheets, databases, letters, and documents of all types.

Our Customers

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  • Address.Sydney in Australia
  • Mail Us: admin@kensoft.com
  • Phone: 02 9797 2898
  • Fax: 02 9797 2898
  • Mobile: 0425 225 202
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