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    IT Technology & Solution.
    Hardware - Software
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    Networking Solutions.
    Hosting services
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    Hardware repair & sales.
    Computer and Server build
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    Software & Website Development.
    Java | PHP | C# | others
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    All of IT services.
    Program is Art
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    Internet & Intranet Solutions.
    Connect to anywhere
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    High Level Team .
    Website Design

Painting of Famous People

Action in the White House

Father and son

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Chaplin and Albert Einstein

The worlds first picture on the WWW

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Hedy Lamarr, WiFi Inventor

The greatest scientist of the 20th century

Empire of Microsoft

Alan Turing, The father of computer science


Nobel prize ceremony

Professional Technical Services.

At Kensoft Technology

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  • Fax: 9745 3184

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